Amazing Way Of Destroying 1000 Gallstones In 24 hours!

Many people, with no exception of children, have stones in their liver channels. Some of them create rashes or sensitivities, while few individuals have no indications. The stones on the grounds are tiny and not calcified, so they cannot be seen when performing x-rays of the liver. There are plenty of stones with cholesterol gems inside.

Amazing Way Of Destroying 1000 Gallstones In 24 hours!

The gallstones can be green, dim, dark, red, or white tinted.

When gallstones are there, less measure of cholesterol leaves the body, and it may increase. The stones themselves can gather infections, parasites, microorganisms, and blisters, which go through the liver and get absorbed. At this point, the development of various diseases starts and it also starts to supply your body with other microbes. In case you need to cure stomach ulcer or disease, disposing of the gallstones is crucial.


One cup with a lid
½ cup of cold pressed olive oil
Fresh juice of one large or two small grapefruits
Four teaspoons of unrefined Epsom salt
For body purification, it is recommended to choose the day when you have extra time. Don’t take any remedies, minerals or vitamins the previous day. Take low-fat foods for breakfast and lunch.


2pm- You should stop eating and drinking after 2pm, otherwise you will feel bad later on. Put four teaspoons of Epsom salt and three glasses of water in a blender, and blend well. You will get four doses. Keep the dosage refrigerated.

6pm – Drink the first dose of the previously prepared mixture. That would be ¼ of the mixture.

8pm – Now, drink the second dose. Even though you haven’t eaten since 2pm, you still won`t feel hungry. As the liver cleanse is your final goal, make sure you drink each dose at the definite time.

9:45pm – Squeeze the grapefruit and add it to a ½ measure of cold pressed olive oil. Close the cup and mix until you get a smooth mixture. Go the restroom couple of times before you drink this solution.

10pm – Now, drink the previously prepared solution. In case you experience the ill effects of sleep deprivation, take valerin. You should lie on your back right after consuming the mixture. Try to stay in this position for at least 20 minutes. Don’t move! The faster you lie down, the more stones will leave your liver. You will be able to feel the stones going through the liver channels and on the grounds that the channels are open.

Once you wake up, take the third dose of the mixture, but make sure it is not before 6 am. If you have sickness, hold up until it goes way and drink the mixtures afterwards.

Drink the last dose after two hours. After two hours you are free to eat. It is recommended to start with some all-natural juice, consume some leafy foods after thirty minutes, and an hour later start with the food you normally consume. However, keep it light.

You will experience diarrhea the next morning. This is normal, as it means that your body is free of the liver stones. You will start feeling much better, and see for yourself how powerful the liver cleansing is.

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