Amazing Ways to Recycle Your Banana Peel!

The banana peels can be recycled naturally in many different ways: here, then, are some suggestions for re-use the scraps of fruit, creating products to enhance the health and beauty of the body. Starting, for example, with a hair mask. To create a hair mask made from banana peels is necessary smoothie two mature bananas with half a glass of water. The amount of water can be varied depending on the softness and the hardness of the fruit: is important to obtain a rather creamy consistency. The cream formed should be applied for about fifteen minutes (in any case no more than half an hour) on the hair moist, before proceeding to washing with shampoo. In this way, the banana peels are not dispersed and even help you to “save” damaged hair.

Recycle Banana Peels

Is interesting discover that the peels may be used for improving your smile, exercising on teeth a whitening action. The procedure is very simple: just take a piece of banana peel and rub on the teeth the white side: a treatment of two minutes a day will create immediate and effective results. Also the banana peels, can be exploited to create a simple and natural mask against wrinkles, which helps you to tone the facial skin at virtually no cost. The mask must to be applied no more than three times a week and that is prepared with half a glass of water, a teaspoon of rose water, a tablespoon of oatmeal, a tablespoon of honey (preferably organic), three teaspoons of cream and a small banana, including the peel.

The all goes smoothie until you get a kind of cream that must be placed on the areas concerned (for example the corners of the mouth and in correspondence of the eye). It is a nourishing mask that should be used only on the face clean and should be left to act for at least half an hour before to washing. Finally, it may be useful to know that the banana peels can also be recycled by applying them on bruises, scratches and warts, due to their disinfectant capacity, but also at insect bites: in a few minutes you notice that the pain gradually disappeared and the redness is gradually disappearing, like a magic.

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