Amish People Used This Remedy For Centuries – Here Is Why –

The black healing salve was used by the Amish people as natural remedy for centuries. This ointment eliminates the toxins from the body and pulls out some foreign objects that can stick to the skin. It is a mixture of essential oils, activated charcoal/tar and wax. The activated charcoal is one of the main and most important ingredients. It helps the skin heal quickly.

This ointment can treat rashes or burns and remove foreign object from the skin like wooden splinter or metal. It is called ‘Hills Schemer’ or ‘healing smear’ by the Amish community. How much it is effective, depends on the chosen recipe and the used ingredients. It can treat insect and spider bites and cystic acne. It can be also used for removing thorns and glass shards and for ingrown toenails. It is also helpful if there comes to touch with poison ivy or oak.

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