An Amazing Problematic Skin Care Lotion That You Can Make by Yourself!

You can prepare an amazing lotion for your skin at home. The preparation method is very simple and the results are great.

An Amazing Problematic Skin Care Lotion That You Can Make by Yourself!Preparation

First of all crush the fresh parsley leaves. Then put one tablespoon of parsley leaves in a glass of boiling water and leave it covered for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, add half a glass of white wine and let it sit for another 20 minutes. Finally, you’ll get an amazing and refreshing lotion i.e. facial tonic.


Lie down and rub this lotion into your face. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. You can keep the lotion in a sealed bottle for several days and store it in the fridge.

According to Dr. Larissa Alexeyeva parsley is a unique herb! She suggests you apply the lotion on your face, sit down, relax and think of good things while it works its magic. Then get up and wash off the lotion. It will make you feel more beautiful!

Anti-aging skin tea

This recipe is meant for those who want to have a more youthful and soft skin. Drink the tea regularly, because it will keep your skin fresh and smooth and it will significantly slow down its aging.


 Put one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon into a jar. Then pour 3 cups of boiling water over the cinnamon, cover the jar, and let it sit like this until cooled down. When cooled down add four tablespoons of homemade honey.  Consume a quarter glass 3-4 times every day.

Source: Just Healthy Lifestyle

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