Apple Juice and it’s Benefits

Apples are one of the greatest sources of fiber. In fact most sources of fiber are not sweet, but with apples, you get to enjoy the fruit as well as help your digestion.

Apple juice is also rich in iron, but you shouldn’t take too much of it as the antioxidants in it will bind the iron and it wont be absorbed into your blood stream. This of course will lead to iron deficiencies and eventually diseases like anemia.
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The juice is also an antioxidant, and people who smoke or suffer breathing problems should take it to help detoxify and therefore clean the lungs for easier breathing.

Although apple juice contains a lot of the nutrients that are needed for daily function, it has no calories that can make you gain weight, even when you add artificial sweeteners to it.

The benefits go on and on. Apple juice is excellent for people suffering from anemia, stomach disorders, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity. It also helps prevent liver and kidney disease, formation of uric acid and chronic colitis. It will detoxify even heavy metals like radionuclide from the body.
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It also helps fight off dysentery, respiratory diseases and laryngitis. It has calcium which helps strengthen bones especially in pregnant women and children.
Enjoy a glassful of apple juice and be healthy and happy!

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