Are We Civilized?

Have you seen children tie and light a cracker on a dogs tail? 

Have you seen municipal workers beat dogs to death, those faithful friends of man? 
Have you seen the dhobi whip his donkey to move fast. The animal’s  back overloaded with bundles of clothes?
But of course you have seen it all. Yet we do nothing, because it does not concern us, or we do not care, or we look but do not see. And the forms of entertainment we enjoy are even worse. 


The famous jalli kattu of Tamil Nadu is agony for the bulls; chilli powder is rubbed in their anus and they are poked and stoned till they run crazed with pain and fear. A silly garland is put around their horns and people enjoy the show!
 Or a race in Maharashtra, where a horse and bullock are yoked together to a cart, and several such-carts compete in a race. The horse, the steed of the gods, runs fast. Pity the poor bullock!

A humble request to all
Please be human and spread awareness about these issues…

Save Animals!!!

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