Aromatised Water Different Recipes Against Acidity

Aromatised  water against acidity: In these days of excesses, our body undergoes various chemical reactions resulting from them, such as the bitter taste in the mouth, a symptom of excessive acidity.

The consumption of aromatic water can be a very good solution to fight against the effects of heartburn and, is that, these days the public emergency services of hospitals are saturated these days, because of binge and food indigestion.

The abuse of certain foods of an irritant nature or eating abundant amounts of products, fats, fried and derivatives are the main cause of this heartburn, at least if consumed in excess. Likewise and although not consumed in excess, the continuation of the meals without giving time to the stomach to digest these foods, causes that our organism is incapable to assimilate them quickly because our digestive system does not supply, saturating itself.

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