Arthritis And Joint Pain Reversing Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe Passed Down For Generations

Joint pain is a serious problem that can affect your performance at work and interfere with your daily routine. People who are suffering from it are often unable to do their daily tasks, but if the pain goes away at the end of the day, they usually just forget about it.

Other people are suffering from chronic pain in the joints and experience arthritic symptoms, which is a far more complex condition. Arthritis describes the inflammation in the joints which can affect almost any body part. Conventional medicine is useless against arthritis, so many people turn to alternative natural solution in order to relieve their pain.

First, in order to have great results in the treatment of arthritis, you need to change your lifestyle and diet. Then you can start trying different methods to ease the pain.

This article presents one of the best ways to relieve joint pain naturally, and it is based on apple cider vinegar. At the start, you can just soak your painful body part in plain ACV and see how the pain reduces. You can also make a solution of apple cider vinegar in six cups of warm water and soak your hands or feet in it. If you’re experiencing pain in other body parts such as the neck, soak a towel in the solution and apply it on the affected area.

For topical treatment, we recommend combining apple cider vinegar with coconut or olive oil in a 2:1 ratio. Apply the mixture on the affected area, rub it in and leave it to work for a while until you feel the pain reducing.

You can also drink a mixture of ACV 3 times a day before meals in order to treat the condition and relieve the pain.

Apple cider vinegar has many more health benefits besides relieving joint pain. It is a powerful antioxidant which can easily detoxify your body, so you should incorporate it in your diet as soon as possible!

Source: Weekly Healthy Life

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