Awesome Health Benefits Of Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana)!

Chickpeas originated in the Middle East nearly 7,000 years ago. They are often used in vegetables, salads, sauces, bread, hummus, tahini and garlic spreads. This fiber-rich legume is also known as Garbanzo beans or Kabuli Chana.



Controls Hunger: Chickpeas are rich in fiber and are filled with high quality protein. These two nutrients keep you full for longer and hence control hunger. These essential nutrients found in chickpeas make it ideal for weight loss and weight management.

Cholesterol Reduction: Including 3/4th cup of chickpeas in your daily diet can immensely help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Chickpeas contain dyslipidemia that prevents the concentration of cholesterol in blood. This in turn lowers the risk of heart disease and strokes.



Cooking: Chickpeas can be cooked and used in salads, curries, soups and stews. Roasted chickpeas, with few savoury spices, make for an ideal evening snack. It finds its way in Gluten-free diet too. And can be used in variety of dishes like pakoras, pappadams or pancakes and as a substitute for eggs in baking.

Low Sulphites: Chickpeas come with high amounts of mineral and molybdenum. These are essential for detoxifying sulphite compounds from food products, dried fruits and even wine. Sulphite compounds often cause dizziness, rapid heart rate, headache, and other unpleasant symptoms. Molybdenum also cleanses our liver.

Soluble Fiber: Chickpeas come with decent amount of soluble fiber. This helps lower heart disease risk and stabilizes blood sugar levels too. The soluble fiber acts as a sponge and cleans up bile with bad cholesterol. It also gives one the feeling of a fuller stomach.



Good Sleep: As one of the richest sources of amino acids, tryptophan and serotonin, chickpeas play a vital role in regulating mood and sleep. Consuming tryptophan at night makes one calm and feel peaceful.

Immune System: Chickpeas are loaded with good iron. Iron helps transporting oxygen through the body and is imperative for maintaining a strong immune system and good metabolism.

Heart Disease: Regular consumption of garbanzo beans cleanses bad cholesterol, lowers cholesterol levels and triglycerides. These beans are your heart’s friend. The unique combination of antioxidants in chickpeas supports blood vessels’ walls and blood. The Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-3 fatty acids together reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular risks.


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Women’s Health: Chickpeas benefits are great for women health too. The phytochemicals or saponins in chickpeas, act extremely helpful in the prevention of breast cancer and osteoporosis. It is also great for lowering incidences of hot flushes post menopause.

Iron for Energy: Full of iron, chickpeas help boost energy. Iron is essential for pregnant or lactating mothers too. Children and adolescents need iron in good amounts for performing routine tasks.

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