Ayurvedic Healthy Weight Loss Tips

  • Breaking a sweat is the next essential thing for you. 30-40 minutes of your favorite exercise; may be walking, jogging or yoga—don’t give up on this. Exercising is very important to the body. Keep it light and less strained.
  • Keep your meals to three per day. Forget the concept of square meals and split up the quantity of your usual meals from 3 to 5. This will reduce the incidence of temptation towards snacking.
  • If you cannot survive without snacking, then choose healthier options. Almonds, coconut water, sundal, sprouts etc. are Ayurvedic suggestions.
  • When it comes to fruits, eat with the season and region. Nature has blessed our country with suitable fruits for each season. Go by it and you will stay health. A few choices can be green leafy veggies during the spring and coconut water during the summers.
  • It is essential that you include all the 6 tastes-sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent in your food. Even if not in a single food, try and cover all these tastes over a week’s time.
  • Do not be a couch potato. It is essential that you move around. You may be working or at home, doesn’t matter; after every meal move around a little. Avoid sleeping immediately after you have had your food.
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