Ayurvedic Treatment For Heat And Sunstroke.

Here are a few natural therapies from Ayurveda to treat sunstroke this summer.


Body Massage – Ayurveda suggests a good body massage with medicated oils such as madhuvashtvadi and pinda thailam, and a cool shower thereafter.

Adding herbs such as vetiver, sappas wood, sandalwood and sarasapilla to drinking water is beneficial in cooling the body.


Aromatherapy recommends usage of essential oils that stimulate self-healing and calms the mind. Lavender essential oil is used for pain relief and irritation due to sunstrokes. It is a sedative and calming agent.

Local application of aloe-vera helps in softening of the skin. One tablespoon of aloe-vera can be added to three drops of lavender essential oil and applied locally for sun burns.

Cold mud pack could be applied to the stomach and eyes twice a day.

Drink plenty of water, fruit juices and fluids such as cucumber juice, water melon, buttermilk, coconut water.


Stick to a light diet this summer, including more of liquid diets. A green leaf soup should be a regular part of the diet. Sweet corn soup is also recommended.

H/T: AyurvedicTalk

So next time you encounter sunstroke, use these remedies for cure. Also share this post with your family and friends.

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