Baby Kicks And More

  • Not every fetus starts moving by the 18th Mums, who are pregnant for the first time usually start feeling the “kicks” much later. Don’t worry, it takes time but it will happen for sure.
  • You might have to bring out your singing skills. This is based on studies that showed fetuses being more active when their mothers sang or read to them. Also, since babies can hear you, they start recognizing your voice and react to it.
  • You will also have to keep a track of how many times your baby moves in a couple of hours. There are loads of baby movement trackers available online that can help you in this.
  • During the day, however, you can expect lesser movement. This is because your moving around lulls the baby into sleep, which means that during your sleeping time, the baby is most active. So, you can expect a “dancing queen” or “king,” especially if you lie down for some time or stay still.
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