Beautify your long tresses with these simple hairstyles

  • Long hair is a massive turn on for men and to keep it soft and healthy is your call for a magnetic persona.
  • Women with long hair being lucky, have a world full of styling options to get the men drooling.
  • Usng bling and stylish clips can help one add more glamour to the occassion.
 Are you blessed with long tresses? It’s time you roll it up, bun it in, twirl it or just leave it open to suit your style and mood! Short hairstyles have always had a limited scope of display of style in both men and women, but hairstyles for long hair have always been fun for hairstylists and fashionistas!

Did you know that more than five million women in Italy and the United States go for hair extensions and streaking? After all, it is worth the price!

If you want your hair to be tidied up for a formal meeting or an interview, roll your hair up in a bun and fix it with a stylish black bun pin. Let a flick of hair fall on your forehead, but make sure it is short. It will add an edge to your look. Furthermore, if you are planning a party post dreaded meetings you underwent, just release the bun pin, let your hair down and make it a night to remember!

  • Did you know that long hair is a big turn on for men? Therefore, make sure it does not appear frizzy and is soft. Long hair is extremely difficult to maintain, especially during winter. There may be days when you do not feel like washing your hair or are having a bad hair day. On such days, you can go for a woolen hat along with a scarf. Stylish woolen caps fitted with flowers and beads are a hit amongst college students. It is a look that will never let you down.
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