Belly fat can increase heart disease and diabetes risk – warns study

For the new study, appearing in the journal of JAMAA, the team analysed the genomes of a total research group of more than 400,000 individuals.

The findings showed that genetic predisposition to abdominal adiposity is associated with significant increases in the incidence of Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, along with increases in blood lipids, blood glucose and systolic blood pressure.

No association was found between the genetic risk score and lifestyle factors and testing confirmed that only the abdominal adiposity effects of the identified gene variants were associated with cardiometabolic risk.

“The lack of association between the body type genetic risk score and confounding factors such as diet and smoking provides strong evidence that abdominal adiposity itself contributes to causing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease,” explained Connor Emdin, from the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Source: dailyhunt

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