Benefits of anulom vilom pranayam you were not aware of

  • Anulom vilom cures blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Improves concentration, patience, and creativity.
  • Increases oxygen supply throughout the body.

    Anulom vilom pranayam, also called the alternate nostril breathing technique, is an incredible energiser, which works effectively to relieve stress and anxiety. Regular practitioners have also treated their serious health conditions, which include heart problems, cartilage, depression, asthma, high blood pressure and arthritis. Some of the practitioners also treated bent ligaments, neural issues, migraine pain and sinus by exercising anulom vilom pranayam.


benefits of yoga

The traditional practice is mainly exercised for relaxation and strengthening of the mind and it also prepares the entire body for meditation. More and more people have been engaging themselves in this yoga exercise owing to its convenience.

How to do Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Sit on a mat on the floor. Cross your legs into the padmasana pose. If you cannot fold your knees completely, bend them as much as you can.

Those who have arthritis can sit on a wooden chair with a straight back. Now place one hand with the palms facing the ceiling. Place the thumb of your other hand on one nostril and fold the index finger. Keep the ring finger extended so that it can be used to close the other nostril.

Do not lift your elbow too high, your hand will get fatigued after a while. Leave it loose and by your side. Now inhale deeply through one nostril while keeping the other one closed with your finger. Now, open the other nostril and close the one you breathed in with and exhale. This is one cycle.

To start the next cycle, breathe in through the same nostril that you exhaled out of and repeat the process. Practise this asana for about three minutes initially gradually increasing the amount of time to 15 to 20 minutes.

The left nostril represents energy of the moon that symbolises peace and tranquil and therefore, has a cooling effect. If you must purify the different Nadis or channels of the body, you must begin anulom vilom pranayama with the left nostril and exhale with the right. This is referred to as “one cycle”. Start the second cycle by inhaling with the right nostril and exhaling with the left.

Repeat the cycles steadily in the beginning i.e. till your body has become strong. As the days pass, increase the number of cycles and reach the optimum level gradually. Once you have achieved the strength to practice the cycles for longer duration, inhale with as much force as you can and then exhale with the same intensity. While you are repeating this pranayama, repeat “OM” in your mind. This meditation technique is helpful in uniting the body with spiritual powers to help reap the maximum benefits of anulom vilom possible.

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