Benefits of Eating Slowly

A meal should last half an hour, so when you start fast and stressful eating, remember the benefits of slow.

Experience the different tastes and textures

If you eat slower and you chew your food utterly, the meal will become a pleasure rather than instinctive piling of the food. Try appreciating the colors, flavors and the aromas of the food.

Reduce digestive difficulties

Too rapid consumption of food can cause digestive problems, stomach aches, headaches and other health problems. Observe the meal as an activity in which you can relax and enjoy. With the lack of chewing of the food, you only disrupt the process of digesting food in the digestive tract.

Eating slower is healthier

How to slow down eating?

Eat before becoming unbearable hungry

It is best to coordinate your meals at regular times and thus to avoid excessive hunger. Arrange three main meals and two snacks that you will take each day in the same time. In this way your body will get used to such diet and between the meals you will not feel hunger.

Leave the fork after every bite!

The basic advice is: between mouthfuls, leave the fork or the spoon, and wait until you chew the food completely. Once you swallow, take the fork again. It will slow you down, and in the same time it will free you from stress.

Source: healthexpertgroup

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