10 Best body weight exercises every fitness freak should do

In the present day scenario, everyone be it men or women want to know what are the best bodyweight drills to help them shed pounds and tone their bodies simultaneously.

Body weight exercises are drills aimed at increasing your muscle strength and size. There is not an obligation that you need to go to your local gym to do weight training and experience a great workout. Here are some of the best weight body weight exercises for you.

Hanstand pushups

To execute the handstand pushup, stand a few inches away from the wall, with your legs straight and parallel to the wall. Face the wall while exercising and lower yourself with control and not in a relaxed way. When your head touches the floor press yourself back to the starting position, apply enough strength without straining your neck or your back in the process.

One arm push up

This exercise is very straining for the triceps and shoulders. It should be executed by people who are already following an exercise regime and not for beginners. Place one arm behind your back, face towards the floor, then raise your midriff, hold for 10 seconds and slowly touch the floor with your chest. Avoid jerking your body during this exercise as it requires immense stability.

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