10 Best body weight exercises every fitness freak should do

Door pull up

It is a typical pulling exercise common in households and this can be done with any strong or stable door to prevent you from getting hurt. Open a door halfway and place a towel over the top to avoid slipping due to sweat. Place your hands on the towel and simple hang off the door. Pull yourself against the door at least 10 times as a beginner until your chin is over the top of the door.

One-legged squat

The one legged squat is credited as one of the best leg exercises. Hold one leg in your arms, stretch your arms parallel to the floor and look ahead at all times. Lower your body weight on one leg and hold for 30 seconds. It works on your butt, stomach and chest muscles.

Knee jump

To work on your hamstrings, start on by kneeling on the ground, your feet should be flat and your butt should rest on your calves. Look forward at all times and swing your arms back and forth.

Headstand leg raise

Fold a towel and place it on the floors. Touch the floor with your palms and slowly raise your legs off the floor. Put your body weight on the arms with your head on the towel. This places immense pressure on your entire body so ensure that you are an exercise pro.

Inverted rows

It is a modification of barbell rows with knees extended and feet on the floor, elevate your feet on a box, pull your upper body towards the knees.

Stability ball ab rollout

Clasp your hands on a medium sized stability ball. Breathe in and brace your abs, lean forward and roll your hands on the ball. It is an excellent stretching exercise. Best performed pre or post weight lifting.

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