Best Exercises for Firm Chest Muscles

Pressing and Pushing

Most of the gyms provide this exercise equipment that helps you to perform bench press or seated chest press. Your hands should be at the level of your nipple line so adjust your seat accordingly. Your elbows should be in front of your shoulders, so set the bar position accordingly. Push your shoulders at the back rest and then contract your abs by pressing your chest forward. Make sure you are in this position throughout the exercise. With the repetition of 10 sets press the bar forward with straight elbows, bend them and back to start, check your elbows should not be locked.

Get Benched

You can also do this exercise with barbell or dumbbells by lying on the seated press. If you are working alone choose the weight that you can handle by taking it up and bringing it down. For this you have to lie down on your back with bent knees with holding dumbbells in each hand.

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