Best Way to Make Turmeric Capsules at Home (in Just 3 Steps)

Health benefits of turmeric

It exhibits potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer properties.

It has the ability to cure a wide range of diseases and health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, menstrual cramps, acne etc.

It owes all of its therapeutic properties to the polyphenolic compound found in its rhizome, called Curcumin.

Anti- inflammatory activity- it inhibits the expression of inflammatory enzymes like COX-2, LOX-5, and INOS etc.

It suppresses the release of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukins responsible for inflammation. It also inhibits the activation of inflammatory pathways like NF-kB.

This helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases like arthritis, Pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis and cancer etc.

Anti- oxidant activity- it inhibits the per oxidation of lipids. It acts as a free radical scavenger of nitric oxide and superoxide radicals .

Study has shown that it reduces oxidative stress and amyloid beta plaque deposition in Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-microbial activity- Curcumin exhibits anti- bacterial, anti- viral and anti- fungal properties.

Turmeric Capsules – But Why?

Turmeric is great for health but let’s face it not all will like its taste especially if you are planning to use it for the first time.

But you need not worry, there are ways this issue can be take care of and one such way is Turmeric capsules.

A number of health care companies manufacture turmeric powder capsules but did you know that you can make them on your own at home of your desired dosage?

Yes you read it right. You can make your own turmeric capsules at home very easily. All you need is:

  • Turmeric powder
  • Gelatin capsules, and
  • A Capsule machine


Step 1: Making turmeric powder

Okay, so it just means that you need to get hold of a good quality turmeric powder to fill your capsules.

If you already have one – great. If you are confused about them. Here is the list of recommended brands you can buy.

You can also add black pepper in turmeric powder. Black pepper is essential to improve the absorption of turmeric in body.

Step 2: Capsules and Machine

Different sizes of capsules are available. If you choose a very small one you will have to take many to take even small quantity of powder. if you take a very large one, you may find it difficult to swallow.

We found that using “00” size capsules is best.

capsules size

If you already know a good brand of capsules, please use them else, we have shortlisted some great brands for Veg. “00” capsules below:

The next thing in agenda is to figure out a way to fill the caps as fast as possible.

One way is to fill them one by one manually or we can make the process faster by using capsule filling machine.

We recommend the capsule machine by Capsule Connection as it is easy to use and better than most others available.

If you do not want to do that you can use a Lab Scoop to fill the capsules individually.

Step 3: Get all the things together

With powder, capsules and machine ready, we are all set!

Read the instructions carefully on the capsule machine and get familiarized with the its different parts.

    • Put the base of the machine on the stand.
    • The gelatin capsules consist of two parts- the longer body and the shorter cap.
    • Put the longer part into the base and the shorter caps into the cap holder.
    • Now fill the capsule bodies with turmeric powder.
    • Pour 1-2 table spoons of turmeric powder over the base.
    • With the help of the scraper, fill the capsules with the powder.
    • Remove the excess turmeric from the base.
    • Use the tamper or the comb to push the powder down soscraper. that more powder can be added.
    • Again pour turmeric powder over the base and spread using the
    • Remove the excess turmeric.
    • Place the cap holder on the base such that the caps fit over the capsule bodies.
    • Gently release the filled capsules.

Here is a video on how the machine works :


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