Best Zero Calories And Fat – free Foods For Weight Loss

You may also drink a glass of water before your meals and you’ll immediately feel fuller. Only negative calorie foods with high nutrition can help you out in losing weight.

So, continue reading to know more about the best low-calorie foods for weight loss.

1. Celery:

75% of celery contains water and 25% contains fibre. It also has sodium, potassium and these will help replenish your body with electrolytes.

2. Aragula:

This helps in slimming your waistline and is rich in Vitamins A, K and C, and other nutrients like potassium.

3. Asparagus:

Asparagus contains good levels of amino acids. It acts as a diuretic that helps in flushing out excessive fluid from the system. It is one of the best low-calorie foods that you can eat

4. Cucumber:

100 grams of cucumber contains just 16 calories. It contains water, vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the top listed low-calorie foods for weight loss.

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