Better Than Drugs – All The Problems That Can Eliminate Onion

When something hurts us, we usually go onto pills. Sometimes it is not the best way of any solution. Natural remedies are the best and most effective. From now try to solve the pain with onion.

Better Than Drugs - All The Problems That Can Eliminate Onion

Pain in the ear
Earache is very unpleasant occurrence.Simply put in the ears a clove of onion, and it will reduce the inflammation. From the port will pass the pain in the ears and head.

And if your concerns migraine, repeat this procedure before going to sleep. Let the onions remain in the ears overnight.

Onions off temperature
This is an ideal tool for children. If your child has a high fever, chop the onion into rings and wet in apple Sicet. Then put it on the feet and in the ears of a child. The focus goes away very quickly.

Win cough with onions
Onion juice is very effective cough syrup, which you can make by the recipe:


1 onion, 2-3 tablespoons of natural honey.


Choose a nice and healthy onion, medium size. Peel onion and cut. Place in a deep dish and pour honey.

Cover the bowl with foil or salver household and leave at room temperature for a night. The next morning, strain the mixture through a thick gauze or strainer. It is a dose for a single day.

Take one tablespoon of syrup every two hours, you can more often. Surely, you will have a short time to feel easier to breathe and you will soon stop to cough.

Source: wealthyandhealthychoice

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