BEWARE OF WHICH SIDE YOU ARE SLEEPING – Sleeping on the right side can be a trigger for many diseases!

In order to lead a healthier life you have to sleep 8 hours, the children even 10-14 hours. For a healthy life not only the time of sleep is important, but also the position in which you sleep.

sleepingSleeping on the left side has proven to be the healthiest position, here’s why:

– Sleeping on your back can hinder your breathing, and sleeping on the right side can be dangerous for your digestive system.

– Sleeping on the left side will solve your problem with digestion and improve the digestive process.

– Sleeping on the left side helps to remove lymph fluid and toxins from the respiratory system and lymph nodes. While sleeping on the right side increases the risk of many deadly diseases!

– Get used on sleeping on the left side! You can set up the pillows on the right side along the entire body so that you do not turn to the right during the night.

– If you sleep on your right side, try to hang yourself to sleep on your left.

– Another tip, leave a light on the right side next to the bed, it will surely make you turn to the left.

Source: Cuisine & Health

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