Bhindi – Medicinal Vegetable With Amazing Health Benefits

You must be wondering that what’s so magical in this simple vegetable that you should include it in your diet?

Here’s the answer to that question!

Health Benefits of Okra

This vegetable is not just another simple vegetable and it won’t be wrong to call it super vegetable Here I am sharing some important benefits from its long list of that you should know of:

It is a rich source of fibre

This vegetable has a very rich content of fibre which in turn helps not only to better digestion but also regularise bowels.

Pectin, the soluble fibre present in this vegetable on entering our tummies, swells up in the intestine. Further on it helps by easing the elimination of wastes from the intestines.

In case of diabetes.

This vegetable has insulin- like properties thus making it a ‘must have’ for the ones suffering from diabetes. Consuming this vegetable will help in reducing the blood sugar levels in the body. A unique type of fibre found in okra known as Eugenol – helps in stabilizing blood sugar. It does so by curbing the rate at which sugar tends to get absorbed by ones intestinal tract.

Ideal for pregnancy and fetal development.

The abundance of foliates in this vegetable helps in conceiving. Besides, it also plays an important role in foetus brain development, preventing miscarriages, forming of the fetal neural tube and also helping prevent any type of defects in the tube.

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