Bitter Melon Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes! Know How!

For instance, a bitter melon juice diluted in 5 % water resulted with amazing effect on killing the pancreatic cancer cells. Studies show that bitter melon juice can kill the pancreatic cells up to 90-98 %.

Bitter Melon Detoxes Bad Cells

Apparently these studies are successful in a dish, but here comes the question if they work on animals or on people. Fortunately, the results showed that they do. In the University of Colorado researchers applied optimal doses on mice and found that almost 65% of the pancreatic cells were killed with no side effects.

The dose was the same as six grams of powder for the average sized human. Bitter melon may also help diabetics. Researchers found that bitter melon helps ameliorate metabolic problems by its effects on glucose metabolism.
Of course, if you have cancer or diabetes, talk with your doctor about rolling in bitter melon treatment with other treatments to have the highest rate of success against cancer.

Source: thediscoverworld

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