Bitter To Taste But Better For Health. Thats Our Green Chilli!!!

Here are some valuable health benefits of eating green chilli.



Improves Immunity Indian green chillies are rich sources of Vitamin C. You might have noticed that having chillies helps you open up your blocked nostrils. The Vitamin C in green chillies strengthens your natural immunity to diseases.



Great For Your Skin Green chilli peppers are also rich in Vitamin E that is essential for producing certain natural skin oils. So, having spicy food can actually give you good skin.

Zero Calories All the good things that you get from the chillies come at the cost of no calories. Chillies have zero calories and thus you can have them even when you are on a diet to lose weight.



Men Should Have Chillies Men should eat chillies because they are prone to prostate cancer. Scientific research suggests that eating green chillies can keep prostate problems at bay.

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Level Diabetic can benefit from having these common Indian spices. Green chillies can balance the blood sugar levels. That does not mean you gorge on sweets and then have chillies.

Reduces Risk Of Lung Cancer We still don’t know how, but having green chillies has been linked with a lowered risk of having lung cancer. Smokers should watch out for this point considering they are smoking up their lungs every day.

Lung Cancer


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