Black Tea – Beneficial Drink for Your Heart

Black tea has a long tradition of consumption and it presents a national drink in some countries. As in matter in fact black tea is the brother of green tea and both are made from the same plant Camellia Sinensis. White tea is also made from the same plant. Nowadays black tea is becoming one of best-selling teas in western countries. Black tea has lots of benefits and health related properties like the other two, white and green tea.1

Apart from white and green tea, black tea has higher levels of caffeine, making it a superb substitute for coffee and other modern energy drinks. The benefits and health related properties of the black tea have been under the eye of scientists continuously. One has been proved that black tea is hearth friendly and also for the blood vessels. Scientists claim that black tea prevents inflammations of the walls of blood vessels and prevent many diseases.

The Boston University School of Medicine did a study which incorporated a gathering of patients who had coronary disease and they ought to drink a couple of black tea cups on a daily basis and another same group of patients with the same disease ought not drink black tea. Following a month of reviews the University came to a conclusion that patients who drank dark tea had 50% improvement in heart wellbeing and veins contrasted with the individuals who did not drink black tea.

Moreover besides being good for the hearth, black tea is also good for brain function and lung function. Researchers say it is an extraordinary beverage that you ought to drink amid times of physical or mental action since it gives focus, vitality and enhances reflexes, making it suitable for drivers. Black tea has marginally a smaller amount of antioxidants, than green tea, and they have a key part in keeping the body since they back off aging (slower) and shield from cancer.

There’s much more for black tea, but we have written just its basic health benefits. Some say green tea is better over black and vice versa, and in fact both are great. Remember not to drink excessive amounts of black tea because it contains caffeine and in large amounts has an unfavorable effect on health. Up to four cups of black tea during a day a fantastic choice.


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