Blast Fat with Kickboxing

Tired of working out in the gym? If you feel that your workout is running out of steam and you’re badly in need of an exercise regimen that will definitely get your blood pumping and your fats burning then kickboxing is definitely for you.

kickboxKickboxing has become a favorite full body workout by many because not only do they get to work with their punches and kicks but execute them to the beat of quick stepping sounds. The punches and kicks are executed as combinations.

What’s great about kickboxing is that it starts with burning your fats. Once all the fats stored in your body are gone, it will then target the muscles helping them get toned, sculpted, and become stronger than before.

Basic of Kickboxing

Fighting Stance – Stand with your feet staggered and your knees bent slightly with your rear heel lifted. Bring your fists close to your chin with elbows placed near your ribs and palms facing one another.

Jab – A straight punch. If the right foot is placed on front the right hand will do the jab.

Hook – A punch that is circular in motion and thrown using the lead hand.

Cross – A straight punch that is thrown by the rear hand which means that if your right foot is in front the left hand executes the cross.

Uppercut – A punch that requires an upward thrust with your fist pointing towards the ceiling.

Roundhouse Kick – This is a circular kick where your front leg moves in an arc.

Front Kick – This is the jab using the heel of your foot and can be done with either leg. Imagine shutting the door using your leg.

Side Kick – This is the strongest kick you can execute in kickboxing because the energy or power comes from your glutes. Make sure that your foot is flexed when you kick out.

Your Workout Routine

For those who want to try kickboxing this 10 minute workout routine can help.
In the first two minutes, combine jab, cross, hook, and uppercut leading with left. (do 30 seconds for each)

From two to four minutes repeat the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut but this time leading with the right.

Do one minute of front kicks with 30 seconds for each leg.

Do one minute of roundhouse kick with 30 seconds for each leg.

One minute of side kicks. Do 30 second side kicks for each leg.

For the 7 minute mark up to 7:30 do a combination of left foot forward with jab using your left hand then uppercut using your right hand then front kick.

The next 30 seconds should be a combination of your right foot placed forward with jab using your right hand then left uppercut and right front kick.

At the 8 minute mark do a combination of left foot forward with left hand jab, right hand cross, and roundhouse kick using your left leg for 30 seconds.

For the next 30 seconds do a combination of right leg forward, right hand job, left hand cross, and right leg roundhouse kick.

The last minute should be your cooling down period so you can bring your heart rate to normal.


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