Bollywood Stars Who Support Animal Rights Cause

Celebrities thrive on public aspirations; for a layman, they happen to be the epitome of success and grandeur, most of the times. It rather becomes difficult for them to live life the way they would live before being all that famous. In spite of leading such complex lives, some of them manage to go beyond mundane and do something which happens to have a cascading impact on all those who follow them. Here we take a look at a few of such Indian celebrities that have done their bit for animal welfare. While many have turned vegetarians, some have travelled greater miles.

John Abraham


“Real men are kind to animals. If we don’t treat our animals and the habitat with kindness today, it’ll be not long that we lose both.”

Celina Jaitley


The grey-eyed beauty has been quite vocal about animal rights, right from her Miss India days. Her social acts, those for animals, have been more than exemplary.

Shilpa Shetty


This actress-cum-businesswoman is against captivating animals in circuses, and even zoos. It may be her own experience in the Big Brother house, where she faced racial discrimination and what not, but she feels that animals in zoos often hate it, and show their frustration and loneliness through obsessive, repetitive and even self-destructive behaviour.

Jackqueline Fernandez


This former Miss Sri Lanka, who looks every inch an Indian, and our incumbent Dhanno can actually “murder” those who be mean to horses. Jackqueline is against the joyrides involving horses, especially when these animals are poorly-fed and kept in unhygienic stables, reeking of faeces and urine, and infested with flies and other insects.

Shahid Kapoor


He may not have much diversified animal welfare work to his credit, except for being a staunch vegetarian, but doing that only thing so well is the reason he finds mention on this list. He not only remains dedicated to the cause of animals killed for meat, but has also inspired others to go green.

Kalki Koechlin


This firehouse performer urges all Indians to take stray cats and dogs as pets, and she has her reasons. It will not only provide many homeless animals shelter, but will also discourage animal breeders that convert animals in offspring-making machines.

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