3rd day: Richer lunch

Consume lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach. You are allowed to consume warm lemon water during the lunch. Continue to consume mineral water with lemon.

4th and 5th day: Repeat the process

Do the same from the 3rd day.

6th day: Limiting

Do the same from the 3rd day, but limit the intake of lemon juice to two glasses per day. Consume them in the morning and before your dinner.

7th day: The habit

Take lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and make it your habit for the rest of your life. Consume just 1 glass in the morning and you’re ready to go.

Do not forget to consume two to three liters per day to keep the body hydrated. Consume healthy food and drink lemon water to help in the process of weight loss.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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