If you can’t find time to visit the gym on a daily basis, exercising at home will provide the same results. Tabata is one of the most effective exercise programs, which lasts few minutes and it is high-intensity workout. It is great for busy mothers as it lasts for four minutes and provides you with great effects.

It includes sprint for twenty seconds, a pause of ten seconds and this should be repeated for four minutes.

This program is developed by Dr. I. Tabata from Japan, which helps you burn a lot of calories even it looks simple. He and his team analyzed 2 groups of athletes for six weeks. One of them did medium-intensity workout for longer period of time and the other group did high-intensity workout for shorter period of time. They discovered that those from the first group increased the aerobic capacity by 9.5 percent and the anaerobic capacity by zero percent. The other group increased the aerobic capacity by 14percent and the anaerobic capacity by 28percent.