Burn Injury To The Eyes – One Little Boy Lost His Sight Because Of This Toy That You Probably Have At Home (PHOTO)

This is a warning to parents around the world.

The warning is: Laser pointers are not toys. As reported by the Australian ABC, a teenager from Tasmania lost 75 percent vision is because he was playing with this thing. The doctors around the world are warning parents that there is danger when pointed a laser pointer into the eyes.

Having played with this thing, popularly called “laser”, 14-year-old boy was permanently damaged his eyesight and went to the doctor Ben Armitage.

Armitage said that the boy was lightening his eyes with laser pointer a short period of time, so it lost 75 percent of vision – in both eyes!

The last part of his eyes had laser burns, which means it is able to burn the pupil that long stretches.

Although the teenager did not feel pain at the time of the incident, his eyesight was damaged immediately. Dr. Armitage explained that he was the most seriously damaged the central part of the eye, and that this cannot be corrected even with glasses.

Study Center for Radiological Health of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has shown that laser pointers intensity of 5 mW can damage the eye, while for those who have the power between 3 and 5 mW there are no reported cases of injuries.



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