Can We Eat Food After We Remove Mold From It?

It must have happened to you. You put some food in your fridge and totally forget about it. And then, when you actually think of it, it already has mold on it.

Most people remove the mold with a knife, and eat the food. However, is this really a good idea?

According to experts – no. Experts say that we should throw moldy food away. Even if we throw away the moldy part, we throw out the visible mold. The food is still moldy on the inside. The spores that turn the food green, are invisible to the naked eye, and as a result are still in the food.

Can We Eat Food After We Remove Mold From It

Though most molds are harmless, there are some kinds of molds that can actually harm us.

Mold containing mycotoxins is likely to cause allergic reactions and breathing problems. This kind of mold can be found in nuts, apples, celery and wheat.

So, it might be a good idea to throw away moldy food after all.

Source: Foods And Healthy Life

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