Health Benefits of Capsicum and How it is a Natural Weight Loss Formula!


Capsicum Cultivation

As ideal growing condition for peppers is sunny climate with warm soil that is moist but not waterlogged, Capsicum is cultivated  in almost all tropical countries including India, East Africa and West Africa. In India, it is mainly produced in  Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Assam regions. Grown as rabi and kharif crop in India, Chilli cultivation is rotated with sugarcane and turmeric crops. The most common capsicum is red, orange or reddish brown in color with pungent taste and oblong and conical shape.  Some of the most common varieties of Capsicum are NP-41, NP-34, NP-46 and NP-51.

Chemical Composition of Capsicum

The pungent taste if capsicum is due to the presence of capsaicin’. The amount of capsaicin is dependent upon the the variety of the plant.  The red color of capsicum comes from capsanthin’ and ‘carotene that create pigments. Capsicum is also a rich source of proteins, ascorbic acid and thiamine which work collectively and give us many health benefits including weight loss and appetizing effects.

Synonyms of Capsicum

Bengali – Lal-Mirchi
Gujarati – Marchan
Hindi – Lal-mircha
Kannada – Mensinkay
Malayalam – Mulagu
Marathi – Lal-Mirchi
Sanskrit – Mirchi-palan
Tamil – Panchirmolaga
Telugu – Mirapakayalu
Oriyan – Lalilanka
German – Echtebeiss beere
French – Piment
Italian – Peporossa

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