Children That Have Pets, Have Less Anxiety! A Great Reason To Get A Pet!

It is already shown that the dogs reduce the rates of asthma and allergies, but they might provide the kids with another great benefit – reducing the anxiety. One new study shows that those kids that live in a home with a dog, score lower on the clinical measure of anxiety.

It is a small study that focuses on 643 kids between the age of 6 and 7. The crew at the Bassett Medical Center located in New York discovered that only 12% of children with dogs tested positive for the clinical anxiety, in a comparison to the 21% of children without pets.

Children That Have Pets, Have Less Anxiety! A Great Reason To Get A Pet!

Dr. Anne Gadomski and the colleagues, in the Journal Preventing Chronic Disease wrote that it might be that those less anxious children have pets or the pets make them less anxious.

This is not a completely surprising discovery. Dogs can also be great for the adults, and the federal health officials advise that the adults consider getting a pet. They can encourage people to exercise.

Gadomski knew how special pets are to a kid.

She told the NBC News that sometimes the first word of the child is the name of the pet. There is a very strong connection between the pets and the children. The team of Gadomski dug researched why the dogs may benefit the kids.

They wrote that from a mental health viewpoint, children at the age of 7 to 8 usually ranked the pets higher than the humans as providers of self-esteem and comfort and as confidants. They added that the animal-assisted therapy made with dogs, affects the development disorders and mental health of the children by reducing the anxiety.

Because the dogs follow the communicative cues of the human, they might be effective agents for the emotional development of the children. The researchers asked the parents for special details about the type of anxiety their children showed.

It looks like the pets help in a few areas. They wrote that the important differences between the groups were discovered for the separation anxiety component and the social anxiety component favoring the ownership of the pet. 73% of the families in this study had some kind of pet. 58% had dogs. Those families with pets might be more affluent and might be more stable.

Also, they wrote that the dog can stimulate the conversation, and that is an ice-breaking effect, able to alleviate the social anxiety through the social catalyst effect. Some other studies have discovered that cuddling or playing with a dog, can release the hormone named oxytocin, and also lower the cortisol – a stress hormone.

Gadomski said that her team looked at the dogs, because many researchers are made about them. But, this doesn’t have to mean that the cats are not able to do the same thing.

Source: nbcnews

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