Chinese Are Making Their Own Fake Rice Made Of Plastic! Must Read!

China known as one of the largest population in the world and known as the number one supplier of different items in the world, including fake products and etc. They faced different scandal about making foods beyond its natural contents. Latest news that are currently spreading all over the internet is the fake rice imported from China, its another scandal rocking the country and based on report gathered from reputable sources, Chinese are making their own fake rice made of plastic.

Fake Rice Made Of Plastic

They consider it as their latest production that could possibly supply the needs of every people when it comes to food demand and it sold in a affordable price. Some are called it as ” Plastic Rice” it is made from finely ground potatoes and sweet potatoes. To make it look like grain of rice, manufacturer added ingredients like resins or plastic to shape it.

When you check the actual visual of the said fake rice, it looks like the one that sold in our market, which is the real grain rice.

According to medical experts, eating fake rice would result into serious illness and sickness. Despite of negative effect in our body, Chinese would prefer to buy it because it sold cheaply. Business man selling tons and massive sack of rice and even they imported it to other country. According to one merchant, they made big profit from this business, but they are aware what might be the possible effect in human body once this foods are intake.

Fake Rice Made Of Plastic1

Government from different countries warned business man and the people not to engaged selling this counterfeit items, this might not illegal for now but the harm in our health is the main concern.

Source: worldfactsnews

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