Clear Your Stuffy Nose In Only 2 Minutes With These Smart Tricks

The autumn and winter are here and it is time for sneezing. Many people are blowing in the tissues and coughing.

It is only a question of time when you will catch it. Then, you will have a problem: either your nose is blocked and you must try to suck in oxygen through the mouth or it runs like the dam has burst.

The worst part is at night. If you have caught a cold, your dreams turn into a nightmare. You turn and twist, right and left, in order to find a sleep position in which you can breathe. Don’t worry, because today we have a remedy for your condition without using medications and nasal sprays. These two tips are so amazing and they will help you to breathe freely again.

Clear Your Stuffy Nose In Only 2 Minutes With These Smart Tricks

1. Tongue and acupressure

  • Press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth for a few seconds. Then you should relax the tongue again, and repeat this process a few times.
  • At the same time, you have to push with your index finger and middle finger on the forehead between your eyebrows for a second. Then, repeat this a few times.
  • You have to do these exercises at the same time, and you should multiples the times within 25 seconds, and you will clear your nose.

2. Hold the breath

  • Breathe in deep and then lean the head back and pinch the nose with the forefinger and thumb. Hold the breath as long as you can, but just until it is comfortable.
  • Watch the following video to see how you should do these exercises.
  • If you have a cold, do these exercises before sleeping, so you can sleep easily. Try it, and share your experience with us.

Source: Beauty Health Page

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