Common Things You Should Never Put On Your Face!

10 Common Things You Should Never Put On Your Face!

Every corner of the Internet contains DIY remedies, especially the ones for the skin, but that doesn’t mean that each one of them is good for you. There are many ways to keep your skin clear and healthy. However, these following ten items should never be a part of any DIY remedy.


Some skin care remedies include hairspray for drying out acne. This will certainly clog your pores and that will lead to skin irritation, resulting in more acne and blemishes.

Body lotion

A body lotion is called like that because it is for the body – not your face skin. The face on the skin is thinner than the one on the body and needles to say – more fragile. Body lotions contain more fragrance than moisturizers. Still, you are better off without them even though not every body lotion is bad for your face.


All of us have applied toothpaste to dry zits or acne at least once. Even though it does dry them, it also irritates your skin and can lead to more serious issues. A drop of tea tree oil will have a better effect.

Petroleum jelly

This jelly is used as a skin moisturizer, bug bites and cuts. It is however, not a good choice for your face. Although it feels like it’s working, it’s actually sealing dirt and debris in the pores, leading to more skin issues.

Hot water

A hot shower does wonders, but too much heat will extract all the moisture from the skin. It will also soften the natural oils and remove the skin protective barrier. This will lead to dry skin, and if you have a naturally oily skin, it will produce more oil because of the dryness.

Hydrogen peroxide

Although it’s used for minor cuts and burns, hydrogen peroxide is not a good solution for breakouts and blemishes. This will burn and makes the skin blister from oxidative stress. It can also cause allergic reactions and inflammation.


Lemon is highly acidic, and just like baking soda will disrupt the skin’s pH balance. Its phototoxic properties will make the skin irritated when it’s being exposed to sun, which can cause chemical burns – and you certainly don’t want that to happen!

It would be best to avoid any of these items if you want a clean and healthy skin. There are beneficial DIY remedies that will actually help and treat your face skin with care.

Avoid touching your face and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning and in the evening. Never wear makeup overnight and always check the authenticity of any remedy you find online.

Source: healthylifeland

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