Complete Guide On How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Fast At Home!

Regular millet is accessible, simple and truly miraculous way of curing the kidneys. A lot of people claim that millet helps them to forget their kidneys’ problems.

In folk medicine it is used as a cure for urolithiasis (stones creation in the urinary tract). It cleans the kidneys efficiently, eliminates the sand, removes the tiny stones from the kidneys and the bladder, and cures cystitis.

Otherwise, the millet is one of the most noted cereals which have high food value and healing properties. We recommend you a truly miraculous and effective recipe from the Russian folk medicine for healing kidneys, which will help with the cleaning.

Complete Guide On How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Fast At Home!

Recipe for kidney stone removal:

Wash one cup of millet (200gr) with hot water in the evening.

Pour the millet in a big jar (3 liters) and spill over two thirds of the jar with hot water. Cover it, fold it with something hot and leave it through the night. You will notice white turbid liquid in the jar in the morning. That is your cure. Pour the fluid in another bowl. Drink it during the day, in any amount you want, whenever you want.

Don’t throw the millet. Boil healthy porridge and eat it for breakfast (1 cup of millet, 3 glasses of water should boil for 15 minutes). In the evening, prepare new helping for the following day, following the same procedure. You should drink this beverage 10-15 days.

Result: After 10-15 days the stones are going to melt and will go out along with the urine, and the kidneys will be clean from the stones and the sand. The inflammation is eliminated and the tissues of the kidneys and the urinary tract are regenerated.

This cereal is not costly and you can find it at any health food store. Implementing millet in your diet is going to contribute to the health of your kidneys.

Tea for throwing out kidney stones

Chop tiny pieces of celery, parsley and selenium and submerge the mixture in one liter of water. Cover it and leave it during the night. Heat it in the morning and let it boil for 3 minutes. When it cools, filter it and drink it during the day instead of water. Drink the tea three days in a row, and then pause for a day. Repeat the procedure.

Tea for breaking kidney stones

A tea from wild pear and sage is also used for naturally healing kidney stones. Spill 3 liters of boiled water over 8 spoons of leaves (four from wild pear and four from sage). When it cools, filter it and drink it during the day, but do not drink other liquids for a week. Your urine may seem darker and foamy that week.

Source: losingweightdone

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