Cure Osteoarthritis And Painful Joints With These 3 Natural Remedies! 100% Effective!

Osteoarthritis is an aging joints disease which normally affects people over the age of 45. It’s usually caused by the weakening and deterioration of articular cartilage and can affect both men and women alike.
It can affect any joint on your body, but most usually it’s the weight bearing joints like knees, hips and spine which are affected.
There is no 100% cure for this disease but there are ways in which you can improve the condition significantly, prevent it from progressing further and stop feeling pain or discomfort while conducting even the most menial household chores. We’ll share 3 of the most effective remedies for this condition which are guaranteed to help you feel better and eliminate the pain in your joints for good.

Massage with gelatin

 Mix 50gr.  gelatin and 350ml.  cold water and leave the mixture at room temperature for 6-8 minutes. Then heat the mixture to a maximum of 60o C and keep stirring until the gelatin is completely dissolved in the water. Store it in a fridge until it becomes a jelly and then you can use it to massage the painful areas gently, until the jelly is fully absorbed in the skin. You can also take 1 tsp. jelly orally every day. You can expect the first signs of improvement after a month of therapy.

Garlic and yogurt ointment

This natural remedy is recommended for every kind of bone calcifications, so you can treat osteoarthritis as well. Mix a bit of yogurt with one crushed garlic clove and apply the ointment to the affected area every night before you go to bed. Wrap it with a piece of fabric and go to bed. In the morning, remove the gauze and rinse the area with some water and reapply it again every night for 10-20 days.

Clay coverings

You’ll need some clay for this remedy, but you can find it in your local health store for sure. Mix the clay with some water in a porcelain dish and make sure you use a wooden spoon for the mixing. Apply the mixture before you go to bed and cover it with some gauze and bandage to keep the area moist during the night. Remove the bandages in the morning and rinse the area with hot water. You’ll notice the pain going away just after 10 days from the start of this treatment.
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