Cure the Cyst In Breast In Natural Way!

Cyst in the breast is very common disease from which suffer many women, especially the middle aged. Even the cysts in the breasts are mostly benign they are uncomfortable and often painful. The women with cysts should avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks, and have to intake vitamins and to have regulated digestion, but to intake also supplements of vitamin D and to eat lots of cabbage and broccoli.

Cure the Cyst In Breast In Natural Way!

Mixed tea

Mix mint, elder, mistletoe, marigold and yarrow in equal amounts, and then boil it on regular way. These herbs have strong effects on the immune system, prevent the growth of the tumor and decrease the inflammations. According to the wishes, star glass could be also added, herb that cures all female diseases. This therapy is slow, but extremely effective. It is necessary to drink 1l of this tea every day for six months, feed light and to throw away the diary products and alcohol.


Houseleek is a miracle herb that cures large number of diseases. This herb is recommended for curing the cysts in the breasts, but it can also be used in curing the ovary cysts and kidney cysts.

300 g of houseleek leaves should be washed and chopped in a blender. Mix it with 300 g of honey and put it in a jar. It should stay for 7 days in the fridge, but you should stir it occasionally. After these 7 days, it should be taken 3 times a day. The first one should be taken in the morning on empty stomach, the second between the meals and the third before going to sleep. It should last for couple of weeks.

Wheat juice

Grind young green leaves of wheat and squeeze the juice. Pour the juice in ice cubes and freeze them. The cubes are putted in a glass of water, and after they melt you could drink it. It is best to drink it in the morning. It should be taken for 72 days, so you should have 72 cubes.

Breasts crème

The crème is made of marigold, lavender, cypress, roses, propolis and a bit of St. John’s wort or mint. The persons allergic to propolis could throw it out from the ingredients. The crème is massaged every day on the both breasts, massaging it from the lower part to the armpit. These way the breasts are cleaned from toxins.

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