Cure Your Thyroid Imbalances With This Yoga Asana!

If you want to naturally cure any imbalances in the function of your thyroid, you can take Yoga to trigger the self-healing process of the body. Here we will present you one asana that you can practice it every day to heal multiple ailments:

Sarvanga Asana


Those people who practice Yoga assure the importance of the Sarvanga – asana. It impacts positively the nervous system, but also, it is the perfect asana for the thyroid imbalances. It activates the blood circulation process and stimulates the thyroid gland and the whole varicose – vein system. While performing the Sarvanga asana, your thyroid stays below the heart and forces the purified blood to nourish the thyroid gland.

Sarvanga Asana


Lay on the back or in a dorsal position. Keep the legs together and inhaling deeply raise the legs slowly. Use the palms to support the lower back raise the hips together with your legs. Keep the elbows as a support for the back raise the legs high till the hips, back and legs are vertically positioned in one straight parallel line. The elbows will give support to the neck and shoulder. In such a position, your thyroid is pressed by the chin. Make sure that the body alignment is vertical without tilting right or left. While you are in this position, breathe normally and try to relax the body. Your body weight should be supported by the shoulders.

The perfect time: early morning or evening.

Duration: begin with 2 minutes and then extend to 10 minutes.

Health benefits:

Thyroid gland and thyroid hormones, which regulate the development and growth of all body processes and systems.
Blood circulation, digestive system and nerve stimulation.

Source: beautyhealthpage

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