Defeat Asthma with a Lemon Juice!

The statistic shows that over 300 million people all over the world suffer from asthma which is also the most common disease among children. This number increases each year especially in countries which have low or middle income- claims the World Allergy Organization.

Fighting Asthma with a Lemon Juice

But we bring you good news as the asthma remedy is hidden in your kitchen and is quite simple- zesty, tangy lemons.

Why Lemon Works So Well

We all know that lemons are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which are proven to help against germs, bacteria and allergens. They also boost the immune system. That is why lemons are used for many years for treating dental problems, infections, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, indigestion, constipation and high blood pressure.

Fresh lemon juice contains citric acid which will provide your body with important nutrients. It also strengthens and cleanses the lungs, which is especially important for people who suffer from asthma as it allows them to breathe easily. The antioxidants found in lemons also are effective fighters against allergens which enter into the respiratory system thus preventing the allergens to cause an asthma attack.

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology conveyed a study which found that inhaling limonene (compound found in citrus oil) can help in preventing asthma in children caused by ultraviolet radiation exposure. The experts also found that limonene is extremely effective as ozone scavenger, fighting ozone chemicals which can trigger airway inflammation and lung injury in both humans and animals.


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