Delicious Gujarati Vegetarian Recipe Ideas


Gujarati recipes list is incomplete without the famous Dhokla. The main ingredients of a dhokla recipe are besan and curd. A besan dhokla is usually served with a chutney as a dip. It can be served as a snack or as a side dish for main course.

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Palak Thepla

Thepla is a Gujarati dish. It is very similar to the North Indian paratha but the dough of the thepla is kneaded with spices which gives it a fantastic flavour.

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Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is a famous Gujarati dal recipe. The dhoklis are prepared by rolling out thin pieces out of the wheat flour dough, and cooked in a spicy dal.

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This is another popular Gujarati side dish recipe which is very tasty and healthy too. This is the desi style soup which is served as a side dish with rice or rotis.

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Gujarati Style Aloo Sabji

It is a tasty Gujarati vegetarian side dish recipe which is prepared using yogurt. Adding some sugar makes it a perfect treat for the taste buds.

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Bhindi Masala

Bhindi masala differs from region to region. You can also try your hands on Gujarati style bhindi masala. This recipe is prepared using very less spices yet the taste will make you fall in love with this squishy vegetable.

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Gujratees are known for their delicious mouth-watering delicacies. 
Try your hands on these dish ideas and enjoy!

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