Did You Know How Animals Used For Entertainment Are Treated With Cruelty?

Animals have long been used for the entertainment of humans – this is yet another example of man wielding his might of lording it over all living beings. Animals are caged, taken from their habitat, mistreated, beaten, and restrained from behaving in their own instinctive way. Animals are made to live and breed in captivity and learn to become meekly submissive and remain at the mercy of humans – all in the name of entertainment! Consider some of these facts about animals used for entertainment that will amaze and appall:

Zoos and aquariums isolate the animals


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Animals kept in zoos and aquariums are deprived not only of their natural habitats and climatic environments, they are made to suffer unnatural and cruel social deprivation even isolation.

Cages are not animal friendly

Cages Are Not Animal Friendly

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Many zoos purport to keep animals caged in the name of conservation. However the prime aim of all zoos is the display of animals. The cages are designed with the visitors in mind and not the animals.

Circuses place unnatural demands


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Circuses also place unnatural demands upon animals – making them perform confusing and bizarre tricks with the aid of whips, collars, muzzles, electric prods and more. Why does a tiger have to jump through hoops and why does a chimp have to wear a skirt and ride a bike!

Animal racing traumatizes them

Animals Racing


Other animal entertainments such as racing of dogs and horses also are cruel to animals – they prevent natural behaviors, cause the animals become traumatized during ‘training’ and suffer untold agony all in the name of entertainment – a polite name for the gambling and betting that goes on at racing events.

Dolphins are not comfortable in marine parks

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Imagine the plight of an intelligent, affectionate and wonderful animal such as a dolphin in a marine park – made to perform silly tricks for a few dead fish, this beautiful animal is kept in a small enclosure, away from his or her community, poked, prodded, and made to behave unnaturally each day.

Animal sports inflict serious injuries


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So called animal ‘sports’ – the rodeo or calf roping events cause the animal to suffer broken bones, spurs and straps being dug into the skin, electrical rods, lassos that nearly break the neck, and more.

Fishing and hunting are grossly cruel


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What else can be crueler than hooking a fish and pulling it out of water, the poor creature covered with blood all over? Imagine yourself being dragged out of air in a similar manner and maybe you’ll be able to understand the plight to some extent!

Just like fishing, hunting too causes painful death to animals. And many times, when the wounded animals escape being caught by the hunter, they are left to die of starvation, if not due to injury.

Please Save Animals! Stop Animals Cruelty! and If you Love animals then please share this informative post with your friends and family!!!

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