Did You Know That The Color Of Your Tongue Can Tell A Lot About Your Health Condition?

Pay attention to your tongue and see its color and we will tell you which color represents what.

Did You Know That The Color Of Your Tongue Can Tell A Lot About Your Health Condition

Red tongue

In case your tongue has red color that might mean that you have lack of vitamin B12. Lack of this vitamin can cause neurological problems and in the late years dementia. The intake of this vitamin is very important and that is why you should enter food rich in B12 such as red meat and dairy products.

Yellow tongue

This is very rare occurrence but it can still happen. Yellow tongue is caused by lack of hygiene as well as some kinds of food. Fungus infection can also be responsible for the appearance of the yellow color onto your tongue.

Completely blue tongue

Blue tongue occurs in people who smoke and drink coffee too much. It is not a serious problem but in longer period of time it can cause some health problems. Clean your tongue regularly because it is the only way you can treat this problem. In case you cannot get rid of your colored tongue, consult a doctor immediately.

White tongue

White tongue can occur due to throat problems but it may also mean there is fungus presence. Most of the time fungus occurs as a consequence of bad mouth hygiene.

Colorful tongue

Combination of red, white, blue and yellow tongue makes the colorful tongue. This occurrence is due to cold, flu and the usage of antibiotics. It may be signalization of teeth problems.

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