Did you know that the top athletes are vegetarian?

Most of the martial arts practitioners are all 100% vegetarians.Right now there are many famous vegetarian athletes, including body builders, wrestlers, boxers, football players, endurance athletes.
Here is a list of vegetarian athletes:
Bruce Lee – Bruce Lee was a Hong Kong American martial artist
Carl Lewis – US track and field athlete; nine-time Olympic gold medalist 
Martina Navratilova – Czech-born US tennis player; winner of 59 Grand Slam titles; second player in modern tennis to win 1,000 matches
Mike Tyson – Retired US boxer; former undisputed heavyweight champion 
One of the reasons they are vegetarian is because the body feels alive and light with vegetarian food. The flexibility of the muscle is lost with non-vegetarian food.
People think only non-vegetarian food can provide you with protein and other necessary nutrients. This is completely wrong. You can easily get all essential vitamins, minerals and proteins in a vegetarian diet.
Be Vegetarian and Feel Fit and Energetic.
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