Diet myths busted

Focus on eating healthy fat sources and avoid large amounts of saturated fats such as fatty cuts of meats, butter and fried foods.

* If you exercise, you can eat as much as you want: This myth is one of the reasons you may not experience weight loss. Calories are calories. You should be conscious of portions. Just because something (like an apple) is healthy, it doesn’t mean you may eat five of them.

* Only salad diet is healthy: Of course, salads are very healthy since they add a lot of fiber to the diet and this helps in easy digestion. Ingredients in the salad can make a lot of difference to the health scale: cheese, lean meats, nuts with lots of leafy green and vegetables can provide a good balance of nutrients. Replace heavy dressings like mayo, thousand island etc. with healthy low fat Greek yogurt to get that extra bit of health.

Source: dailyhunt

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