Different Shea Butter Face Masks To Try At Home

Shea butter is a superfood that is extracted from a fruit of Shea tree. With a large amount of vitamins and nutrients found in Shea butter, it can help to benefit your skin in several ways. It also helps to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and also lifts your skin naturally. Although Shea butter is new to India, it has been used in Africa since several years.

From moisturising your skin to treating inflammation and the signs of ageing, Shea butter can benefit your skin in numerous ways.

So, here we mention to you different Shea butter face masks to try at home. Have a look.

Take half a cup of Shea butter and add one cup of honey to it. Now add two spoons of any essential oil to the Shea butter mask and mix all the ingredients together. Now keep this mixture in the refrigerator and apply the face mask when required.

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