DO NOT Ignore the Pain in These Parts of Your Body – It Can Cost You Life !!

Pain is one of the main and most obvious ways that the organism lets you know that something somewhere is wrong. Despite this, we refuse to understand these signals, sometimes we are convinced that everything is fine – although our bodies often scream “I’m not well, go see a doctor.”

Pain in one area often means that something is wrong in a different part, and that we do not have a clue about it. Also, pain can sometimes be quite insignificant – but that does not mean you should ignore it. In contrast, every pain that lasts a week or longer should be examined, especially when it comes to these parts of the body. Because ignoring i can literally cost you life, writes Focus.

  • Heart

People who have heart problems usually feel pain in the chest, while the other more common pain in his right arm or even upper back. Pay particular attention to pain in the left side of the body, because the heart problems associated with the parts of the body that send impulses to the same part of the spinal cord as the heart.

  • Lungs and diaphragm

Lung problems can often be manifested by pain in the neck and upper shoulders.

  • Liver and gall bladder

Pain in the neck and upper shoulders may also be the first sign that something was wrong with these two parts, particularly if the pain occurs more frequently on the right, where the liver and gall bladder are. Problems with the yolk can manifest pain in the shoulders, as well as the diaphragm.

  • Stomach and pancreas

Abdominal pain and back pain in the area where the stomach and pancreas are is almost always a sign that something is wrong with one of these two organs. About 50 percent of the people with chronic pancreatitis have a severe back pain. So don’t ignore it, get checked!

Do Not Ignore TheseSmall intestine

If you have a problem with the small intestine, you will feel pain in the stomach in the area around the navel. If you feel this kind of pain, it is important to accurately describe it to the doctor that is doing your check-up.

  • Big intestine

Problems with the appendicitis usually cause severe pain in the whole right part of the lower abdomen. Pain in the central part of the lower abdomen may be a signal that you have problems with the colon or rectum. Since this is a potentially serious problem, it is necessary to contact a doctor in time.

  • Kidneys

Kidney problems are quite difficult to diagnose, and the pain is usually felt when walking around the lower back, lower abdomen, pelvis, and even thighs.

  • Bladder

Problems with the bladder in most cases are manifested by pain in the lower part of the pelvis, the front and rear sides.

  • Ovaries

Inflammation of the ovaries usually leads to pain in the front of the abdomen, on both sides. There is a strong, stabbing pain on one side in the area where the ovaries (pelvic) are.

Now that you know what you problem might be, it’s time to finally make that doctor appointment!

Source: Sport Online Group

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